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About Ebbtide Marine.

A Family business that has been around for over 40 years. Ebbtide Marine stands the test of time.

Quality Craftsmanship.

Our quality craftsmanship, started in the early 80’s where things were built to last, many have been replaced by faster and less expensive technologies to increase profits. Not at Ebbtide Marine ! Every boat we build is still hand laminated; we focus on quality and build for the long haul.

Put it to test.

All of us at Ebbtide Marine are honored that you are taking a look at the boats we've spent years perfecting. Take a test ride in any one of our boats and you decide.

With over 40 years experience Ebbtide marine Boats have been among the most popular in the industry, With different models (see boats) 



Manufacturing of a boat at ebbtide Marine takes time .These boats are engineered and built to last. That's why we intentionally take longer to build every boat. Each boat is built to the highest quality standards.

Our customer’s that have boats built by us love them , so much so that they keep it for over ten years, We assure you that our boats are constructed to stand the test of time. An Ebbtide Marine boat often becomes part of the family, providing fun and memories for years to come.

We welcome you.

Ebbtide Marine has a perfectly suited boat for you. Whether you're deciding to buy the best boat as your first boat, or you're finally stepping up for a bigger boat, we at Ebbtide marine appreciate your business and welcome you to our family.


We focus on what goes into the boat... perfection of the gelcoat, the resin-to-glass ratio, the strength and rigidity of the stringer system. We use highest quality gelcoats for the finest exterior color and finish available. We use only the finest environmentally friendly, resins for the perfect balance of the lamination). We've been building boats for more than forty years. We've chosen to do it the slow, methodical way... not the quick, less expensive way. Some call us old school. We take that as a compliment.

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